I first went to the Burning Man Festival in 1993, upon the many recommendations of a friend of mine Michael Mikel, one of the key organizers of the event (along with Larry Harvey, John Law and others). Michael was featured in my first documentary film Wild Wheels with his art car "5:04 P.M." which he still drives today and which has become one of the many icons of Burning Man. I have been back every year since, and each year I discover something new about the event itself and about myself. It is a very cinematic event with a large percentage of exhibitionists and a strong number of media/photographer voyeurs as well. I am split down the middle being an exhibisionist/voyeur so the event is perfect for me.

In 1995 I began the 16mm feature documentary film Burning Man Or Bust! and I hope to complete the shooting this year in 2000. You will see by my images that I concentrated mostly on the art cars for which the playa is absolutely the most ideal driving playground. I also focused on body painting which I enjoy doing myself quite a bit. I painted Tora Brown, Alexis Spottswood, my father
Les Blank, David Silberberg and myself over the years.

My own personal motivation on why I attend the event, regardless of how big it has become or the changing politics, is that no where else do I see such new imagery and other artists challenging the boundaries of art. I bring my own image, my art car "Oh My God!" every year and recently I wore my "Flash Suit" in the fashion show which is how I participate. Bottom line though, I love the new images and the fresh art and that's why I go.

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